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Season 1 / Scarecrow

11. Scarecrow

Written by:

Patrick Sean Smith, John Shiban

Directed by:

Kim Manners

First aired:

Tuesday. January 10, 2006

Episode Description:

Sam and Dean (Jensen Ackles) finally make contact with their father, but he tells them to stop looking for him and sends them on another ghost-hunting job. Frustrated with their father’s evasiveness, Sam sets out alone to find him while Dean stays back to obey his father. Dean investigates a small town in Indiana where couples have gone missing the same day each year and discovers the farmers are sacrificing them to a Pagan God who takes the form of a scarecrow. While en route to California, Sam meets Meg (Nicki Aycox), a young backpacker, who unbeknownst to Sam is working for a demon.
Season 1
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